Hi there - I'm an editor, reporter & adjunct professor

I currently serve as the Los Angeles-based Culture & Trends editor at NBC News Digital. I also teach at USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Let's connect.

My expertise

Editing/Managing: At NBC, I launched and now lead the Culture & Trends team. Previously, I served as a news editor on CNN's national desk, and as an assignment editor at HuffPost.

Reporting:  I have a background in covering entertainment (at the Los Angeles Times), internet culture (at Mashable) and politics (at CNN and HuffPost). 

Teaching:  I'm an adjunct professor at USC, where I teach journalism. Every summer, I also teach at the California Scholastic Press Association's annual high school journalism workshop.

Writing: In my free time, I am working on a draft of my YA novel. Becoming a published book author is one of my lifelong dreams.

About Me (TLDR version)

  • Born and raised in Los Angeles. 
  • Graduate of Boston University.
  • Dog mom.
  • Fluent in Farsi, and AP Style.
  • My journalism roots date back to “The Saba Times,” a paper I wrote at age eight using markers and printer paper. “Bun Bun the pet rabbit runs away” made A1.
  • I love pop culture, travel and the great state of California.
  • I am a rom-com and ABBA enthusiast.
  • I'm often mindlessly scrolling through TikTok, or attempting to "unplug" and read a good book.
  • I'm old school in that I still love browsing through bookstores to pick up physical copies of books, and seeing movies on the big screen.

“And I believe that good journalism ... can make our world a better place.”

-Christiane Amanpour